Easy To Use Quick Flip Cap

High-Grade Plastic

All our bottles are constructed from food-grade plastic meaning it is BPA and DEHP free. While you should ensure that your Hydra Bottle doesn't experience sudden impacts, in the past our bottles have survived drops which would traditionally shatter big bottles sold by others.


These are our signature big 2.2 litre bottles available in a wide range of colours that we are continuously adding to. All our water bottles are BPA & DEHP free.

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Our1.3 litre bottles have been a huge hit amongst those who want a more compact solution to their hydration. All our water bottles are BPA & DEHP free.

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Expansive Range of Colours

One of the things that set our bottles apart from the rest is that we offer a wide array of colours. With a continuously expanding range of colours, there's sure to be one, or many, to match your personality or outfit (for the more fashion savvy ones out there!).

Free Shipping Offer (Australia)

As we grow, we are continuously looking for ways to offer more value to our customers. The good news is that we have recently managed to secure a new freight agreement, which allows us to offer FREE SHIPPING within Australia for orders over $59.

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Hydra Bottle Review

Christie Drummond

"Best way to stay hydrated during your workouts and throughout the day ???? Buy a water bottle that's bigger than your head and holds 2L of water πŸ˜…πŸ’¦πŸ³ Yassss I know I'm not the only one that thinks these @thehydrabottlewater bottles are the coolest things in the world πŸŒŽ right ????Trust me, I wouldn't promote something that I don't personally use and don't personally think is awesome πŸ˜Ž"

IG: @christie_drummond_fitness

Madalin Giorgetta

"You guys might have seen me share this numerous times in my story, I love this bottle πŸ’˜ My worst habit is that I don't drink enough water πŸ’¦Best hack if you're like me, get yourself a big pink bottle πŸ’—@thehydrabottle and than you won't forget"

FB: @madalingiorgettaofficial

IG: @madalingiorgetta


In love with my matte blue hydrabottle πŸ’™

IG: @courtneyelizabeth66

Testimonials From Facebook Reviews - www.facebook.com/thehydrabottle/reviews/

Love the product, got one for myself and another for the missus, definitely worth it

Isaac Ho

What a great company! The quick flip cap make this product stand out from the rest. I cant fault this product and highly recommend to any one.

Jade Levett

Been looking for one of these ones for a long time! Love love it! Loving the blue colour 

Nat Ternel

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